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Totem flower tattoo designs

red flower hip tattoo with totem type of stem
totem flower tattoo on the back
sexy totem flower side tattoo
one totem flower tattoo with vivid stems

An elegantly designed totem lotus type of flower tattoo

one tribal flower tattoo on the leg near the ankle;

A totem flower tattoo on the leg, exquisite

free  featuring a totem flower on the arm

It feels classy for a man to have a totemic flower tattoo on the arm.

You can also check out other flower totem tattoo

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Lettering Tattoo Designs

Lettering Tattoo
Lettering s are gaining in popularity. You can combine lettering with a design, you can add lettering to a previous design to change it up a little or you can have lettering s by themselves. When you add lettering to a design you want to make sure the lettering font style matches the type of tattoo image. Everything should flow together.
Lettering Tattoo
Lettering s can be just as time consuming to decide on as an image tattoo. You first have to decide what you want to say. Then you can choose to say it in your native language or another, perhaps ancient language like Greek or Chinese characters. Then you have to decide what font type you want to use. And lastly (or perhaps first, depending on you) you decide where on your body you want your lettering .
Lettering Tattoo
Those are a lot of decisions to make. You have to take your time about all of them because any one can affect your tattoo greatly. A tattoo is for life and you want to be proud of your tattoo forever. Take your time and make one choice at a time. Don’t be afraid to change your mind and start over. You want a tattoo that you are 200% sure that it’s right for you.
Lettering Tattoo
I think the most important decision is what do you want your lettering s to say. Since a tattoo is personal, this is your chance to speak to the world. If you choose a saying, it should be something that would be a lifelong commitment. If you choose a name, make sure it’s a name that you will still want 20 years from now. One of the biggest sources of tattoo regret is a name of a past love. Unfortunately tattoos last longer than most relationships.
Lettering Tattoo
If you go to a good online tattoo gallery you can have everything you need in one place to make all your choices. You can see different lettering styles, get information on translations and see if you want to add an image to your design. One note about lettering s in a foreign language, check with several different sources to make sure your translation says what you want it to say. 
Lettering Tattoo
There is nothing more horrifying than to walk around with an incorrect lettering tattoo

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